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The Leica Flexline TS06 is the perfect Total Station for standard measuring tasks. Using standard application software it is designed for moderate accuracy applications and below.

With a FlexLine TS06 Total Station you’ll complete your measurement tasks today and tomorrow, faster and more reliable than ever before. As standard, this instrument features full alpha-numerical keyboard with full function keys and a complete set of application software.

For more convenience, use the Bluetooth wireless technology to connect any data collector and use the Software which best suits your task and familiarity.

The Leica Flexline uses the Lithium-Ion batteries which give long life, fast charging and operation times of 20hours. The Leica Flexline is protected to IP55 specification and is water and dust protected.

Easy to setup using a laser plummet with a guided process and start-up sequence. The ergonomic key layout and large display provides error-free data input and makes operation simple.

Flexibility of Flexline
Adding specific hardware and software options to a base model makes the Leica FlexLine total stations the perfect companion for day to day use. The choice is wide, and performance is guaranteed.

PinPoint Reflectorless System
Inaccessible measuring points are a thing of the past! Leica FlexLine total stations also measure without reflector quickly and precisely. The PinPoint technology with its accurately and extremely bundled visible Laser provides you the highest degree of pointing and measurement accuracy.

Wide Range Of Options
• Accuracy: 1″, 2″, 3”, 5”, 7”

Distance Measurement
• 3500 m Round prism
• 250 m Reflective tape (standard)
• >500 m PinPoint –Reflectorless (R500 models)
• >1000 m PinPoint –Reflectorless (R1000 models)

Paket Pembelian :
– 1 Unit LEICA TS 06
– 2 Unit Alumunium Tripod
– 1 Unit Prisma Polygon
– 1 Unit Pole / Stik / Tongkat
– 1 Unit Prisma Pole
– 1 Unit Charger
– 2 Unit Batrai
– 1 Unit Flask Disk
– 1 Unit CD Software
– 1 Unit Hardcase
– Sertifikat Kalibrasi

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