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Operating Instructions for the SOIL PH AND MOISTURE TESTER. 

Notes :-
Soil pH value is a very important factor in the production of quality crops. Most crops
cannot survive in soil that is too acid or too alkaline. Therefore the correct pH reading is
essential to achieve optimum results.

Usage: To measure the pH and moisture value of different kinds of soil.

Range: pH= 3 – 8 pH Moisture: 1 – 810%–80% Resolution: ± 0.2 pH

Accuracy : ± 0.2 pH-Suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments.

Operating Temp: 5-50°C (41-122 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Calibration: Remove oxidation from metal rings by light polishing.

Great for quick pH & moisture of residential :-
Gardens Planters, Lawn Maintenance, Greenhouses, Vegetable produce


Instructions :-
1. Remove any obstruction to the soil that requires testing, such as surface soil, grass, leaves,
pebbles, etc. If the soil is dry or contains too much fertilizer, sprinkle some water onto
the soil and leave for 25-30 minutes before testing.
2. Before using the tester, be sure to thoroughly clean its metallic surface with a piece of
whetting cloth. When using a brand-new tester, we advise you to insert it into the soil a
few times before taking your reading. This is in order to remove any oily impurities from
its metallic surface that may affect the accuracy of your soil pH or moisture reading.
3. Insert the meter directly into the soil that requires testing, embedding its metallic
surface completely and tamping down the surrounding soil so that it adheres closely to the
meter’s metallic electrode surface.
About ten minutes after inserting the meter in the soil, the pointer will indicate the
correct value of pH or moisture.
The meter may sometimes register different values depending on the soil condition,
adhesion to the meter’s metallic surface, moisture content, etc. Therefore it is advised
you take an average of several measurements.
4. Press the white/green button and the pointer will indicate the correct moisture value.
5. After use, wipe the plates clean of soil or moisture.

Caution :-
1. Do not leave the metal part of the tester in the soil for too long (no longer than one hour)
or it will damage the metallic surface.
2. Make sure the metallic surface is clean and dry before storing.
3. Do not use the tester near magnetic objects, and keep it away from other metallic objects.
4. Do not measure liquid. This tester is not designed for measuring liquid.
5. Do not hold the tester with fingers on metallic surface. Fingerprints are greasy and
reduce the flow of current.


Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • Delivery Time: ImmediateonreceiptofPaymnt
  • Packaging Details: Box Packing along with User’s Manual

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